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Created on 2011-10-05 05:23:55 (#1095970), last updated 2011-12-09 (301 weeks ago)

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Name:Sunnydale High School
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
For all students and faculty of SHS. Go Razorbacks!

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1. You must post at least once every two weeks. Journal entries don't have to be ridiculously long. Something as basic as "I'm not dead" works just fine.

2. Don't move or narrate someone else's character without their permission. The exception to this is when your character has canon ties to another character, prior to someone playing them here. In other words, Spike and Drusilla used to date, but they broke up. Whoever plays Drusilla can't change the backstory set in place by the person playing Spike.

3. Read the backstories relating to characters you plan to interact with before you just start writing things. This game is AU, so having Kendra show up to stake Angel, when vampires don't exist here, doesn't work.

4. Journal entries have to be in first-person point of view. Scenes between characters can be written out however you want, but they have to be posted to the right community, and in third person. The format for messages on Sunnydale_CA (you'll be invited once you're approved and create your character journal) is basic.


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